Electric Mayhem

Caveat Way

Stan Brown: Born and raised in Kansas, Stan was strongly influenced by classic rock that helped shape his musical path. He then started playing bass in a rock band which inspired him to perform live music. Needing more musical motivation he moved to the front range of Colorado where the music scene was happening. Shortly after, his son Colin the drummer of Caveat Way was born.  Through his personal connection to music, Stan felt the need to encourage his son to express himself through music and the importance of learning how to play an instrument. To his greatest expectations their relationship through music grew and continues to flourish with the power trio Caveat Way.


Colin Brown: Born and raised in Colorado, Colin began tapping on the drum from the age of two where he started beating his way into the world. Recognizing the need to express his natural pulse he leaped into the realms of unlimited musical genres. Pulling influences from an array of artists such as Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Danny Carey and Nick Mason. His natural gift for rhythm carved his ability to perform and to record with the conceptual rock band Caveat Way.